Welcome to our web site!

We carry a wide range of plants suitable for USDA zones 7-10 including exotic tropicals. Happy to assist you in finding the exact plants you desire and ship them to you at a very reasonable cost. Our plants are usually shipped in their growing containers, we do not often ship bare root, except for bulbs and corms.

Dear fellow gardeners,

This is our 20th year of providing seeds and plants to discriminating gardeners. We concentrate on plants native to the Southeast USA and exotic plants suitable for the Southeast, but many true tropical plants are to tempting to pass up.....who knows; they may grow here.

We continue to use Latin botanical names to ensure that you get the correct seeds, bulbs or plants you ordered.

We offer many new varieties each year...as we encounter new seed and plant sources. We hope you find the plants you particularly want. If not, call us (850-638-7572)  and we will try to help.


Hibiscus mutabilis cv, Pure White Confederate Rose